Personal Records Oversight
  • Organize and maintain your personal records.  

  • Collect all your important documents, account numbers, passwords, and instructions.

  • ​Create a Family Record Book for you - in hard copy or electronic format - and keep it updated on a monthly basis.


  • Review ownership of property to ensure that the titling of assets is in sync with your estate plans.

     Insurance Claims Advocacy
  • Review and consolidate the various health-related claims, such as, Medicare and supplemental medical insurance,  to ensure you aren't paying amounts you do not owe.


  • Advocate on your behalf to make sure you receive all benefits you are due and pay only for services you have received.

Online Account Monitoring

If you email your friends and family or post photos on Facebook, you have online accounts that can be attacked by hackers.


  • Monitor your email and other online accounts to ensure that while you aren't online, no unauthorized person is accessing your accounts.

Bill Pay/Cash Management
  • Review your monthly and annual bills, set up payment instructions, and make sure all bills are paid on time. 


  • Review your bank and investment statements to ensure pensions, social security, IRS tax refunds, interest and dividends are being paid as instructed and deposited in correct bank account.

  • Provide financial reports of income and expenses on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or as-needed basis.

    Fiduciary Services & Support
  • Serve as independent trustee, agent under a Durable Power of Attorney or personal representative for individuals who have no one else to protect them.


  • Reduce trust and estate administration  costs by assisting fiduciaries and their advisors in the identification and collection of essential documents associated with settling an estate or administering trusts.

  • Provide services which include the gathering and organizing of personal records, handling mail and bill payment on behalf of an estate or trust, collecting documents needed for tax returns, and coordinating estate liquidation.

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