If you become ill, you need to attend to your health and not worry about your personal finances. You still have bills to pay though, and perhaps, medical claims and forms that need attention. But if you have someone taking care of your personal finances before it becomes unmanageable, then you know there will be no interruption or delay in payments that could make a difficult situation worse.


Our Financial Caregivers have extensive experience managing every aspect of financial health, from paying bills to managing property to reviewing bank and investment statements. We combine our education and experience in law, banking, real estate, and insurance to give you the personal attention you deserve.  And we collaborate with your family members, doctors, advisors, and caregivers to ensure that you have the best care, both health AND financial.

  • Fiduciary Services & Support

  • Bill Pay and Cash Management

  • Insurance Claims Advocacy

  • Online Account Monitoring

  • Personal Records Oversight

Meeting Financial Needs of Vulnerable Adults

Shelley Perry has always been wonderful to work with. She has the depth and breadth of knowledge that attorneys seek out when making referrals, as well as the attention to detail and personal warmth that endears her to her clients. I always look forward to working with Shelley because I know the clients will receive excellent service.”

                                                                                                         Lisa Lipman, Esq.

"I started my small business in 2007 and I am so grateful to have had the help and guidance of Linda Flores.

As expected, she was knowledgeable and professional, but what really stood out was that she went above and beyond and gave me guidance in starting the business. She helped me find attorneys and other professionals needed in the business development process. She was always kind, personable and available to help when needed. She added that special touch in customer relations that made for a wonderful experience."

                                                                                                         Dr. Christine Warren

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